Dawn Ireland handmade card showing design area, envelope and wrapper

All of these cards are individually handmade.

Each image is cut out by hand from the patterned fabrics or papers and the pieces directly stitched onto the front of each card, which is a lightly textured antique-white.

The cards are A6 in size, measuring approximately 10.5cm x 15cm, with metallic silver or gold envelopes sealed in a cellophane sleeve.

Messages on the front of those cards that have them are handwritten in pencil. If you would rather remove or add a message from this range on a particular card, please mention this when ordering. Cards are blank inside.

Handmade Cards: £4.00 each

To find out more about ordering any of my work go to Ordering & Contact for details.

jelly handmade cardblue birthday cake handmade cardred birthday cake handmade card
GB1 Jelly
GB2 Spotty Cake
GB3 Diamond Cake
birthday candles handmade cardballoon with heart handmade cardbirthday present handmade card
GB4 Candles
GB5 Balloon
GB6 Present
fairy cake with cherry handmade cardracing bike handmade cardblue star t shirt handmade card
GB7 Fairy Cake
GB8 Bike
GB9 Star T-shirt
mum bunting handmade cardboat with sun fabric on sail handmade carddad bunting handmade card
GB10 Bunting Mum
GB11 Boat
GB12 Bunting Dad

*Particular numbers can be embroidered on these cards at request, just mention when ordering.

60th birthday red spotty bird handmade card70th birthday green bird handmade card40th birthday blue bird handmade card
NB1 Bird 60th
NB2 Bird 70th
NB3 Bird 40th
21st birthday pink bird handmade card18th birthday  red stripe bird handmade card1st birthday spotty balloon handmade card
NB4 Bird 21st
NB5 Bird 18th
NB6 Balloon 1st
30th birthday two balloons handmade card50th birthday three balloons handmade card80th birthday flower in spotty vase
NB7 Balloons 30th
NB8 Balloons 50th
NB9 Flower 80th
Pink stitched flower in blue vase handmade cardred stitched flower handmade cardspotty fabric flower in floral vase handmade card
FB1 Blue Vase
FB2 Red Flower
FB3 Spotty Flower
pink flower in spotty vase handmade cardstitched daisy flower in patterned vase handmade cardcurvy red vase with stitched flower handmade card
FB4 Spotty Vase
FB5 Pattern Vase
FB6 Curvy Vase
fabric flower with flowery vase handmade cardthree tulips in green vase handmade cardstitched flower with heart in flower fabric vase handmade card
FB7 Flower Vase
FB8 Three Flowers
FB9 Heart Flower
brainy fabric cat handmade cardelephant with balloon handmade cardsleepy patterned fabric cat handmade card
AB1 Cat
AB2 Elephant
AB3 Sleepy Cat
green owl handmade cardbird carrying present handmade cardspotty scotty dog handmade card
AB4 Owl
AB5 Present Bird
AB6 Spotty Dog
tall floral bird handmade cardpatterned fabric hen handmade cardgreen eared dog handmade card
AB7 Tall Bird
AB8 Hen
AB9 Flowery Dog
stitched bird graphic