Dawn Ireland handmade card showing design area, envelope and wrapper

All of these cards are individually handmade.

Each image is cut out by hand from the patterned fabrics or papers and the pieces directly stitched onto the front of each card, which is a lightly textured antique-white.

The cards are A6 in size, measuring approximately 10.5cm x 15cm, with metallic silver or gold envelopes sealed in a cellophane sleeve.

Messages on the front of those cards that have them are handwritten in pencil. If you would rather remove or add a message from this range on a particular card, please mention this when ordering. Cards are blank inside.

Handmade Cards: £4.00 each

To find out more about ordering any of my work go to Ordering & Contact for details.

champagne cork popping congratulations handmade cardcongratulations stitched on patterned fabric backgrounds handmade cardfabric bird with horseshoe good luck handmade card
L1 Congratulations Champagne
L2 Congratulations
L3 Good Luck Bird
felt black cat good luck handmade cardfabric bird with flower get well handmade cardlittle red apple get well handmade card
L4 Good Luck Cat
L5 Get Well Bird
L6 Get Well Apple
sorry stitched on fabric bakgrounds handmade cardmap bird flying handmade leaving cardmap balloon leaving handmade card
L7 Sorry
L8 Leaving Bird
L9 Leaving Balloon
new home fabric house handmade cardbird with flower sympathy handmade cardthankyou stitched on fabric backgrounds handmade card
L10 New Home
L11 Sympathy
L12 Thankyou
hip square fabric stitched cat handmade cardlittle cloud handmade cardjazzy fabric cat handmade card
ED1 Squares Cat
ED2 Cloud
ED3 Spotty Cat
fabric and stitch guitar handmade cardthree pink tea cups fabric and stitch handmade cardpatterned fabric wheelbarrow handmade card
ED4 Guitar
ED5 Teacups
ED6 Wheelbarrow
watering can with bird perched on handmade cardmap bird with orange wing handmade cardmap bird with long legs handmade card
ED7 Watering Can
ED8 Map Bird
ED9 Tall Map Bird
felt pig handmade cardtweedy fox handmade cardblue spotty whale handmade card
ED10 Pig
ED11 Fox
ED12 Whale
red spotty dress handmade cardblue gathered dress handmade card70s fabric dress handmade card
ED13 Red Dress
ED14 Blue Dress
ED15 Flower Dress
stitched bird graphic