Dawn Ireland handmade card showing design area, envelope and wrapper

All of these cards are individually handmade.

Each image is cut out by hand from the patterned fabrics or papers and the pieces directly stitched onto the front of each card, which is a lightly textured antique-white.

The cards are A6 in size, measuring approximately 10.5cm x 15cm, with metallic silver or gold envelopes sealed in a cellophane sleeve.

Messages on the front of those cards that have them are handwritten in pencil. If you would rather remove or add a message from this range on a particular card, please mention this when ordering. Cards are blank inside.

Handmade Cards: £4.00 each.

To find out more about ordering any of my work go to Ordering & Contact for details.

stitched paper valentine bird with fabric heart hanging from beak handmade cardfabric valentine bunting with love stitched on handmade cardfelt heart flowers in stitched paper vase handmade card
V1 Heartbird
V2 Love Bunting
V3 Heart Vase
spotty red fabric valentine sausage dog handmade cardthree hanging red fabric hearts handmade cardpink fabric valentine cat handmade card
V4 Heart Dog
V5 Heart Chain
V6 Love Cat
white and red patterned paper stitched large valentine heart handmade cardlove, in fabric and stitch letters handmade cardvalentine fabric bird with heart balloon handmade card
V7 Pattern Heart
V8 Love
V9 Balloon Bird
red and white patterned paper bird with red felt heart balloon handmade cardpink and gold stitched paper large heart handmade cardred and white patterned paper stitched elephant with pink felt heart balloon
V10 Red Heart Bird
V11 Pink Heart
V12 Love Elephant
patterned paper stitched bird with red felt heart in beak handmade cardfour patterned paper stitched hearts handmade cardpatterned paper stitched bird with red spotty fabric heart in beak handmade card
V13 Grey Wing Bird
V14 Four Hearts
V15 Pink Wing Bird
mothers day bird handmade cardmothers day bunting handmade cardmothers day cat handmade card
MD1 Bird
MD2 Bunting
MD3 Cat
mothers day spotty flower in vase handmade cardmothers day flowers in cup handmade cardmothers day flower in bird vase handmade card
MD4 Spotty Flower
MD5 Cup Flower
MD6 Bird Vase
mothers day mum embroidered letters flower fabric handmade cardmothers day handbag handmade cardmothers day mum blue flowered fabric handmade card
MD7 Mum 1
MD8 Handbag
MD9 Mum 2
mothers day flower in red vase handmade cardmothers day best mum embroidered lettering handmade cardmothers day flower in flowery fabric vase handmade card
MD10 Red Vase
MD11 Best Mum
MD12 Flowery Vase
four  stitched fabric eggs handmade cardfabric stitched bunny with heart handmade cardfour stitched fabric eggs handmade card
EA1 Eggs Spotty
EA2 Bunny Heart
EA3 Eggs Stars
stitched fabric daffodil handmade cardfabric stitched bunny with red flower belly handmade cardfabric stitched orange chick handmade card
EA4 Daffodil
EA5 Bunny Flower
EA6 Chick
stitched bird graphic